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Dal 28/01/2021

Al 28/01/2021

FACEnetwork e FACE in itinere, piattaforme indirizzate a futuri casari e commercianti di formaggio per la creazione di contatti e di occasioni di esperienza professionale:

FACE in itinere is online now!!!
The new European web platform for internships and courses in farmhouse and artisan dairies 

FACEnetwork created the "FACE in itinere" project to make it easier for future cheesemakers or sellers to experience in Europe. At the same time "FACE in itinere" offers current producers and sellers a platform to promote professional exchange.

With the support of Erasmus+ www.itinere.eu offers from now on:

* internship places in small scale dairies and shopin more than 14 different European Countries.
* information on courses dedicated to small scale and traditional cheese and dairy production all over Europe.
* internship places can be searched by country, language, products, milk type, experience and various other criteria. Get directly in contact with your chosen dairies and shops.
* a platform where you are welcome to offer visits, internships or courses.

For more information in all project languages please visit: